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A well insulated home is an energy efficient home!

Thousands of households across the UK are living in fuel poverty and are struggling to keep their homes warm. For example, many homes built in the 1960’s are losing 3 times more heat than newly built ones. About 1/3 of our home's heat is being lost through the walls - if an average UK energy bill is £48 then that’s £16 going right out the window.

But did you know that cavity wall insulation can save you money on energy bills? Insulation is one of the most efficient ways of keeping your home warm, saving energy and the money you spend on it. According to Energy Saving Trust, a semi-detached three bedroom house could save up to £300 on energy bills by insulating their cavity walls.

So what is a cavity wall?

A lot of homes in the UK have been built with two thick brick walls, one being an outer wall and the other an inner wall. The gap between the walls is what’s causing your heat to escape! The insulation fills this gap, ensuring that your house retains the heat!

At Heat Project we offer cavity wall insulation grants, which means you could get yours absolutely free if you receive means tested benefits. There are also other ways to qualify so don’t hesitate and give us a call now on 02080376050

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